About Me

My name is Romeo Shagba, and I'm a visual artist. I cover subject matter surrounding isolation, self-identity and the power of dreams. I depict my characters in sparse and sometimes unrecognizable environments, capturing only brief moments of what seems to be an ongoing narrative in an expanded story. 

My love of the rich tones of preraphaelite-era paintings, paired with experiences in the fashion industry, influences a lot of the visual aesthetic of my work. 

I currently live in Winnipeg, and I've had the chance to show my work in Malaysia, Nigeria (my homeland) and Canada.

If you'd like to discuss collaboration or inquire about my work please email hello@romeoshagba.com or fill the form here 

Selected Exhibitions | Group

2020 |  The Forth Rotating Gallery | Winnipeg, Canada

2019 |  Generation Y | Abuja, Nigeria

2019 |  The Open Show | Abuja, Nigeria

2018 |  Influx  | Abuja, Nigeria

2015 |  Afromodernism | Abuja, Nigeria

2015 |  Sprawling Cities (Video Installation) | Abuja, Nigeria