romeo shagba_Portrait

About Me

My name is Romeo Shagba, and I'm a visual artist. I depict my characters in sparse and eerily familiar environments, capturing only brief moments of what seem to be an ongoing dream. 

I like to merge the warm and textured qualities of romantic-era paintings with techniques and tools from today, attempting to lock the look of my work within a fictional time frame between then and now. 

I achieve my work with photography, digital painting, motion design, and collage. 

I'm currently based in Winnipeg, and I've had the chance to both work as a creative professional and show my work in Malaysia, Nigeria and Canada.

If you'd like to discuss collaboration or inquire about my work please email or fill the contact form here 


2023 |  Flash Photographic Festival  – Group Exhibition | Winnipeg, Canada

2023 |  HOME by RÈVES  – Group Exhibition  – Video Art Installation | Winnipeg, Canada

2023 |  Flower Child – Solo Exhibition | Winnipeg, Canada

2020 |  The Forth Rotating Gallery | Winnipeg, Canada

2019 |  Generation Y | Abuja, Nigeria

2019 |  The Open Show | Abuja, Nigeria

2018 |  Influx – Video Installation  | Abuja, Nigeria

2015 |  Afromodernism | Abuja, Nigeria

2015 |  Sprawling Cities By Alimi Adewale – Video Art Installation | Abuja, Nigeria