About - Romeo Shagba
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Romeo Shagba is a Visual Artist / Fashion & Portrait Photographer currently based in Abuja, Nigeria.
An Advertising Design graduate from the University Of Technology (Multimedia University), Malaysia.
Romeo Shagba is obsessed with work from the pre-raphaelites era and creates captivating imagery that acts as an escape to a world only accessible through his doorway.
Having worked in South-Asia with the likes of Sony, Discovery Chanel ,Warner music and many more, he set out to search for a new meaning and edge to his professional career hence contributing his talents to the image creation industry in Nigeria where he is currently based.
Romeo is currently the Associate Creative Director at Bantu Studios.

Clients & Affiliations

Warner Music Malaysia
Hanger Magazine
Juice Malaysia
Brazilian Stitch
Castros Arthouse
Yutees Clothing
Discovery Channel
Mind Valley
House Of Diella
Treadmarkz Clothing
Artistes United Records
Livescapes Asia
Splash By Della
Aisha Abubakar